Carol Lawyer, National Substance Abuse Interventions and Interventionist

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Our goal is to offer the very best in crisis counseling services designed to help you, your family, or your organization find their way back.

My name is Carol Lawyer. I am the founder of Intervention First and am a nationally recognized and Certified Intervention Professional. Our organization is a well-known provider of addiction treatment, crisis management, and therapeutic interventions across the United States.

If you are reading this, chances are you or a loved one are in crisis and in need of help. We understand all too well the pain and suffering you are experiencing and we want to help.

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The Intervention Process

The first call can help save a life. The first call can prevent a crisis. The first call is the most important call. Learn how our intervention and crisis management services can help you, your family, or your organization.

Counseling/Consulting Services

We offer unique and powerful individual and group therapy for individuals, families, and organizations. These services are designed to facilitate the growth and healing process both before and after someone has completed a comprehensive treatment program.


Carol Lawyer is a leader in the field of intervention work. Organizations and families from across the United States look to her for insights and guidance concerning the treatment of addiction. Learn about her addiction work/research and find out where she is speaking next.